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Thursday, September 1, 2011

TriVia, i am !

epy eid readers.. ok,, let's check it out all my trivia.. yeah,, truly me showing now.. :))

~ i'm not a shopaholic person but i like workaholic person,, :)
- money is not everything for me,, yeay we need a money ! but sometimes it can make trouble for us too,,
- i luv kiddo (kids) n pets so,,
- not gud at all ,, i'm stereotype person..
- i hate bisexual people,, yucksss ! i mean him/her who luv flirt both of gender,, success people dat hve success life must know wht him/her really want n need most ryte?
- cant live without eating rice for a day,,
- luv to doing a budget, schedule for myself when hve a free time !
- really dun know to shows love n others feeling excluding mad, depressed and 'mengelabah'
- luv my friends too much,,
- i'm family lovers too,,
- not a friendly one,, n can be a friendly but only with people dat i really close n comfortable only,
- luv being leader,,
- i'm still have a many quality of eastern
- i'm flexible one,,
- cant love someone i hate,, n cant hate someone i love. cant with friend with someone i hate n da otherwise
- pefer to friend with shy person,,
- person a lots of imgination i am. :)
- honestly i hate english language bcoz i'm weak wit dat n i'm blame my past teacher at high school for dat,, haha..
- no 1 hater fasha sadha,, so what. :P
- i'm loyal lover n friend
- never fallin in luv with friend n dun believe dat can happen in real,,
- cant use heels n dun know how to use it,, only use wedges,,
- believe dat karma owez take their part in life,,
- have a strong six sense,,
- i'm luv be weird n it make me fun !
- belive dat luv can make someone become better,,

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