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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

dear friends,, :D ~by admin 1

dear friends,,

i love you all.. :D too much moment dat we share together whatever it's bad or nice.. i really appreciate,, n you all are greatest gift dat i hve.. i miss all dat moment.. really.

my dearest,,

we laugh together,, we fight,, we cry.. our friendship is like a rainbow ryte.. n i want you to knoe,, do whatever you want it's a bad things or not i'm owez beside you..

i miss you all.. miss all moment at high school.. afiza, ashiqin n syazana.. you'r my beloved fwen n superbesh fwen in dis world.. we almost share our secret together.. bout boyfwen, interest .. n so many crazy things dat we do.. we chat n cant stop laugh like a hell.. i never forget at all,, u do surprise besday party from me.. comfortable when wit you guys.. i'll never be hypo, never act like i'm nice person.. juz show a cruel i am.. haha.. kan.. kan..

life at matrix feel like a hell.. izarida, akem n hafiz.. a lot of thnks for u beb. take care of me when i got a problem n getting sick.. you guys r very kind. whose fwen r willing in my side whtever in hard tyme or not.. damn ! aku rindu maty sama kamu ! izarida, akem n hafiz plsss be strong. :D

n of course a lot luv will i send to Azwana n Maslia.. haha.. for ur support.. i miss to talk.. talk n talk with two all you.. if you guys dun come into my life i'm sure my life at ukm wit be boring n horrible dear.. surely..

dis writing cnt express all my.. dis i juz a simple word n simple essay i guess so,, haha.. only my way to show how i appreciate u oll..

i luv u all guys.. remember dat ! owez..

p/s : honetly dis is for all my fwen.. i wnt to mention all of you n dis is for.. all my members at smkdar school ; nur liyana azham, mastura marjan, sara hani, farah huda, sheida n so many outside especially my fwen at ukm now..

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