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Sunday, June 5, 2011

be nice or i'll make a voodoo for you dear,, ~by admin 1

ok ! i can make ur life become badly,, n i olso can act u like a toys.. u must believe dat,, :) so be nice dear.. watch our mouth..

people,, talk wit ur hand ! not my hand,, i dun wanna to hear word from ur voice.. it's sound so silly LOL dear.. LOL ! LOL !

jelousy,, jelousy,, jelousy.. dis is all bout.. stupid you,,

n if you want to say dis is joke,, n juz to show off you'r very urban person wit how da way you wearing hijab n use da word like stupid dumb2 ..

u'r wrong,, i can act more than u act.. :) n now juz pray for urself..

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