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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


it's look simple to handle but is not easy. even juz unformal event. n sometyme can b more difficult compare wit formal event. first, unformal event more democratic, dat y it's more difficult. let c formal event, all people dat involve need accept da date dat event will happen n majority system will be done by their president.. n all people need accept da date n make sure in da date all will come without any excuse. but in unformal event it's need to get truth from all people dat involve.. miss information, comunication owez happen in unformal event. :)

ketak sempurnaan unformal satu2 event yg kta handle akan terus d katakn smpai ble2 sbb ianya melibatkn org2 yg close nan kta. :)

dat y perlukan kerjasama sume n respon dr sume yg d ajk. jgn nnty ada yg kta tak setuju sdngkn sbnrnye respon tak sure yg d berikn.. :)

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